Audio Commentary on the Gospel of John DVD by Buena Vista/Disney

[Series ran from late 2009 into early 2010 | Posting of audio began April 2010]
I taught (remotely, over the web, from Mississippi to Palo Alto CA) a class on the Gospel of John. Below is the description that was in the flyer:

Commentary of the Gospel of John in Video.

"This course will consist of a running commentary on the theatrical production of the Gospel of John, produced by Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Disney,2005. Glenn and the audience will watch the DVD together, with Glenn frequently pausing the video to explain points of history, theology, cultural background, and scriptural context--as well as the impact the biblical text had on the audience in each scene. Glenn will be present with us via Skype video, and will be remotely controlling the DVD player in the room."

The sessions were hosted in Palo Alto by the gracious Bob and Susan Iannucci, and each session was opened in prayer by my dear, treasured friend and precious brother Lambert Dolphin.

We recorded the audio--both my comments and that of the video--and are making edited versions of them available here at the ThinkTank.

Due to copyright restrictions (all legitimate, IMHO), we cannot reproduce the video here, so some of my comments about something 'visual' in the scene will not make sense to the audio-only listeners. But most of my comments will not require the visual element to be understandable (assuming they are understandable at all!!!), so I think this is worth doing.

Each session was around 90 minutes long, so the mp3 files are large.

Also due to copyright restrictions, I cannot reproduce the DVD narration of the NLB translation of the scriptures in its entirety. Copyrights for bible translations generally prohibit reproduction of 'an entire book' of the bible, and since this series covers the book of the Gospel of John in its entirety (even though no single mp3 file does--and that probably would exempt us from being in violation), I have edited the DVD audio at a few points, replacing the NLB translation of a passage with some other translation (e.g. ESV, NASB, etc). So, the switch in voice from the DVD narrator's 'professional sounding voice' to the 'less appealing and more confusing' voice of myself is done for that reason.

I will be 'quickening' (smile) the links below as I finish the edits/posting to the website.

[Note: We are planning to repeat this long-distance class approach with the DVD of the Book of Acts, beginning May 23rd, 2010. It will be hosted and orchestrated again by Bob/Susan, at their home in Palo Alto CA.]

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