Question…why aren't dinosaurs mentioned in the bible?


September 18, 2001


I got this question:


Hi I am a long time Christian. I had a friend ask me "If God created the world, why aren't dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible ?" I was at a loss for an answer. I know 'wild animals' are mentioned numerous times.  Thanks and GOD Bless



I replied:


Friend, the basic answer is "there wasn't any NEED to mention them"...the story is about God and humans, all the animal 'players' are peripheral/background at best...penguins are not mentioned, nor or tigers or elephants, for example...they just don't come into the story line...


Authors choose what they want to include in their background and setting, and the vast majority of ancient history and ancient information is simply unnecessary to the authors'/Author's storyline and message.


I hope this helps some, glenn



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