This is simply a short little note to explain why I won't be posting much for the next month or so.

I start a month of multiple-city travel this week, with tons of speaking engagements (its a business thing, of course...I almost NEVER get to do speaking about the ThinkTank kinda things) and press meetings. The result is that I won't be in my 'monastery' much for the next 30 days--where all my books are. Although I am reading tons (mostly on airplanes--it's amazing how a good book on the archeological remains of ugaritic sub-culture of the 3rd millennium BC can make a 4-hour jet flight just WHIZ BY...), the next few pieces I want to write require scores of references...

Also, I still have several books on order, that I need for continuing the discussion with James Still. Hopefully, they will arrive soon, so I can finish checking some of the underlying assumptions and references.

But, I am SO EXCITED about a new piece I want to write, on the transmission of literary documents in the ANE. I have been researching the existence of schools and libraries in antiquity and have been blown away by how incredibly document-oriented and education-oriented the ancient world was.

For examples:

The obvious point is that communities were not as isolated as we might have thought and that 'tradition' would have been MUCH MORE written that we might have thought...but more on this later...

Well, I need to go get some sleep now...I have to write an article for a client-server magazine in the morning, create a presentation on 'Managing the Total Cost of Computing in Large Organizations' tomorrow, finish budgets, etc., etc., etc. before heading out on Wed. on the plane...

Talk to you in a couple of weeks...glenn


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