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...How many people claim to be Christians?

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Just how many people (in the world) claim to be christians? I was looking for stats to support a discussion that I had with some friends and couldn't find any answers on the web. If you could point me in the right direction I'd be thankful.
The 1997 World Almanac lists the following stats for mid-1995 world religious groups (in Millions):

Christians: 1,928M (right at 2 billion)
Muslims: 1,099M
Non-religious: 841.6M
Hindus: 780.5M
Buddhists: 323.9M
Chinese Folk Religionists: 225M
Atheists: 219M
New-Religionists: 121.3M
Ethnic Religionists: 111.8M
Sikhs: 19M
Jews: 14M
Spiritists: 10.2M
Bahai: 6.1M
Confuscians: 5.25M
Jains: 4.9M
Shintoists: 2.8M
Other religionists: 1.9M
Parsees: 0.189M
Mandeans: 0.044M
Total count: 5,716.4M

hope this helps...glenn

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