Although getting drunk is considered a sin, is there any verse in the bible that would tell you that drinking alcohol per se without getting drunk or not in excess is a sin.

There is a surprising amount of biblical data supporting moderate drinking (esp. wine):

  1. The Nazarites (special people under oath to God) were NOT allowed to have wine DURING their vows, but WERE allowed afterwards (Num 6.20)

  2. In Dt 14.23-26, worshippers were to spend part of their offerings on a party, that could involve 'wine and other fermented drink'. (demonstrates that wine WAS fermented and not just 'grape juice'--cf. Dt 29.6; Is 1.22)

  3. In Num 18.12 you have the Levites and the gift of wine.

  4. Abigail brought wine to David and his men (I Sam 25.18)

  5. Godly wisdom offers her students wine in Prov 9.1-2

  6. David gave thanks for wine--'which gladdens the heart of man' (Ps 104.14-15)

  7. In Is 25.6, YHWH prepares a feast for us His people involving the 'choicest of meats and the best aged wine'!

  8. In Is 55.1, YHWH counsels Israel to buy from Him "wine without cost"

  9. Luke 7.33-34 makes it clear that Jesus drank wine, in addition to the obvious turning water into wine at the feast that HE and HIS DISCIPLES celebrated in John 2.

  10. Church leaders in the NT were cautioned against 'much wine' (not 'ANY wine')

  11. See also: Gen 14.18; 27.25,28,37; Ex 29.40; Lv 23.13

There are, of course, numerous passages--as you recognize--that talk about the ABUSE and EXCESS problems as well (Prov 23.20; Is 5.22; 28.7 for example).

Hope this helps...


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